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16th June 2022  Content supplied by: INTERSCIENCE

Your Chocolate Analyses Improved!

InstaBag Milk is a ready-to-use sample preparation bag that allows for the instant analysis of chocolate and chocolate-based products: cocoa powders, chocolate bars, and various finished chocolate products. The bag contains pre-dosed French milk powder from Normandy, which is integrated into the bag used for sample preparation.

The bag with filter contains a pod of milk, already integrated, and sterilized to be rehydrated during the process of dilution of the chocolate products from one to three minutes according to ISO 6887-4. The diluent is ready in a few minutes as well as the sample to be analyzed.

Your milk stocks are no longer a chore, your analytical teams are relieved, and the consistent quality of the milk and consequently the results of your analyses are reliable. Your analysis of chocolate and chocolate products is simplified and the results are more accurate.

For these specific analyses, milk is used as diluent instead of peptone water. Indeed, milk is used for quality and salmonella indicators. According to ISO 6887-4, the use of UHT milk or reconstituted skimmed milk powder (100 g/L of water, sterilized after reconstitution) is recommended as a pre-enrichment broth to detect pathogens, Salmonella spp. and STEC.

Milk can neutralize the bactericidal effect of cocoa or other cocoa products. The likely inhibiting factor in cocoa is anthocyanin.

Usually, laboratories that analyse chocolate products have to buy milk packs and the handling is complicated. Why is it so complicated? The handling becomes tedious because laboratories have to provide the "milk pack" type packaging themselves, which is not adapted to routine consumption and makes handling complicated. Why are there so many problems with this analysis protocol? In fact, the quality of the milk is not assured. The milk used is pasteurized and not sterilized; its quality can therefore vary and disturb the analysis. Also, having stocks of milk packs generates a lot of waste which must then be handled. In addition, pasteurized milk is not available everywhere in the world and some laboratories encounter availability problems.

With InstaBag Milk, your chocolate product analyses are simplified and the results more accurate.

New instaBag Milk: For your chocolate analyses
  • For all chocolate analyses: Performance of the media checked by our quality control
  • Everything is easier: Gain in logistics, handling, storage
  • 4 available formats: For any type of sample size
  • Increases productivity of sample preparation stations
  • Accuracy, standardization, traceability, and repeatability of dilution​


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Date Published: 16th June 2022

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