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20th January 2021  Content supplied by: NEMIS Technologies

Why No One is Interested in Buying a Diagnostic Test for Listeria monocytogenes

When you buy a drill, you actually don’t want to buy the drill - you want the hole in the wall. And just like you don’t want to buy another diagnostic test to detect Listeria monocytogenes in your production facility, what you really want is a risk management tool that gives you peace of mind. So let’s talk about the hole that needs drilling.

What keeps you up at night is the sheer number of potential contamination hotspots in your factory, the budget that limits the number of tests you would like to perform, the complex logistics because only trained staff can do the sophisticated analysis, the days you spend waiting for external labs to come back with results and the niggling doubt that you are relying on someone else’s skills and interpretation before you can take action.

But help is at hand – because there is a new kit on the block! Finding Listeria monocytogenes in the factory environment is like playing the game of battleships. You guess where the unseen enemy is and make a cross - just like taking a swab - maybe you find your hostile warship, maybe you don’t.

At NEMIS, we specialize in disrupting the game of environmental monitoring and will give you an unfair but winning advantage. We make our pricing so irresistible that you can increase your testing volume with your existing budget and thus, your chances manyfold. Imagine being able to do the comprehensive monitoring of the factory in the way you have always wanted. Imagine hundreds of inexpensive, fast results on which you can take swift action. Now, doesn’t that sound like you are going to get a better night's sleep already?

The NEMIS N-light™ Listeria monocytogenes rapid test frees you from the constraints of a remote and expensive service laboratory and enables lab-free, safe on-site testing. If you can take a swab, you can do the complete NEMIS test - it’s that simple! Our procedure guarantees a smooth user experience from sampling to result. Easy to do, simple to interpret. You also want it fast? No problem - that will be 24 hours (+10 minutes) after taking the swab, and then you can focus on taking action in your own factory in the way you know best.

The kit uses AquaSpark™ - a groundbreaking platform technology consisting of synthetic molecules that detect viable Listeria monocytogenes using chemiluminescence. This emission is measured by a simple light sensor. Chemiluminescence produced by AquaSpark is 1000 times brighter than traditional molecules. This makes our N-Light solution a cutting-edge technology for sensitive detection. So really, NEMIS empowers you to fight the invisible. Our solution enables you to control when and how you test, so say goodbye to reliance on external partners, couriers, and labs. Take back control over your own schedule, priorities, and budget. Thus, we don’t simply drop test tubes on your doorstep. Instead, NEMIS is dedicated to helping you improve on your existing testing scheme. Together we can embrace disruption and transform how environmental testing is done.

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Date Published: 20th January 2021

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