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16th August 2022  Content supplied by: NEMIS Technologies

Sushi Chain Yooji's Partners With Swiss Biotech Startup NEMIS

If you love sushi, you know Yooji's. The chain offers delicious sushi creations and other specialties of Japanese cuisine at fourteen different locations in Switzerland. From fresh nigiri and creative pokébowls to vegan alternatives of all kinds, you can enjoy a myriad of products on the sushi conveyor belt, à la carte, or via take-out and home delivery - there's something for everyone.

Indulgence, however, is not the only thing Yooji's emphasizes. Quality comes first, which the company lives by and makes transparent through the Yooji's Guaranty seal of quality. This reflects an innovative and open corporate culture, which is committed to sustainable fishing methods and the resource-conserving treatment of the environment.

However, the commitment to quality does not stop at the selection of raw materials, but also extends to the safety and hygiene standards at the production facility in Rümlang, Zurich. The two-person QA team there relies on the latest innovations and approaches to ensure the highest standards of hygiene and safety in production.

Since the beginning of 2022, the NEMIS rapid Listeria test has been a permanent part of the team's quality management. Yooji's is thus working at the cutting edge of science and prioritizes preventive measures as part of a high level of self-monitoring, making the producer a pioneer in the industry.

"Thanks to the rapid test, we receive reliable results within 24h and can therefore react quickly, improve and produce with a clear conscience. The ease of use encourages us to test more often, which steadily increases self-control." - Jessica Widmer, Quality Manager Yooji's Manufacture

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Date Published: 16th August 2022

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