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13th March 2023  Content supplied by: NEMIS Technologies

Introducing N-Light™ Salmonella Risk

For most diagnostics companies, environmental monitoring is just a small part of their business. For NEMIS, it is at the heart of what we do.

That is why we have worked tirelessly to develop the new N-Light™ Salmonella Risk test to add to our existing pathogen screening portfolio, revolutionizing how quality managers can mitigate the associated risk in the production environment.
N-Light™ Salmonella Risk is a rapid detection method for quality managers in the food industry who are frustrated with the low number of actionable results their monitoring produces. Implementing this new innovative method in environmental monitoring allows for simple, safe, and affordable on-site risk screening for Salmonella spp. It enables immediate corrective actions regarding the pathogen and potential contamination hot spots. Key to this new approach is the ability to increase coverage and flexibility on-site. 

Check out our N-Light™ Salmonella Risk training video below:

Can’t wait to try out the test? Check out our new webshop and/or contact your local distributor to purchase your first box of N-Light™ Salmonella Risk today and unlock the full potential of your risk management. Shop Now



Date Published: 13th March 2023

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