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26th March 2024  Content supplied by: NEMIS Technologies

Revolutionizing Pathogen Detection: NEMIS Technologies' Groundbreaking Approach

NEMIS Technologies stands out with its innovative N-Light™ test in food safety through a unique combination of phages and AquaSpark™ technology. On the one hand, NEMIS revolutionizes pathogen detection by targeting specific bacteria with bacteriophage cocktails. Conversely, their method has unmatched sensitivity achieved through a chemiluminescent reaction.

Let’s detail how these elements underscore NEMIS's commitment to advancing pathogen detection with rapid, reliable, and specific testing solutions for safety in the food production environment.

Selective Enrichment Broth with Phages
Bacteriophages, or phages, are viruses that specifically infect bacteria. With an estimated 1031 phages on Earth, they are the most abundant organisms, surpassing all other life forms combined.

Their highly specific targeting ability makes them ideal for selectively controlling bacterial populations, offering a green and effective alternative to antibiotics and disinfectants. Phages have shown potential in various applications, including food preservation, biocontrol, and enhancing the sensitivity and specificity of bacteria detection methods.

Despite challenges like stability and resistance, their ability to self-replicate during infection and lack of influence on food's organoleptic properties make them a promising tool for various bacteria-related problems in food safety.
In the NEMIS N-Light™ tests, bacteriophages play a crucial role by selectively targeting and destroying bacteria competing with the target pathogen. A unique cocktail of bacteriophages targets specific strains that traditional selective agents can't eliminate. Thus, potential false positives or false negatives are avoided. This specificity enables accurate identification of the presence of the target pathogen, making them a powerful tool for pathogen detection in Listeria monocytogenes and Salmonella Risk tests. Integrating phages into the N-Light™ tests enhances their effectiveness and reliability, leveraging nature's precision to improve food safety and beyond.

AquaSpark™: A Breakthrough in Sensitivity  
The heart of NEMIS's technology lies in AquaSpark™. AquaSpark™ technology is revolutionary with its custom-engineered molecules that utilize chemiluminescence to detect live bacteria. This technology operates through a two-part system. The presence of the target enzyme triggers a reaction with the AquaSpark™ molecule. A reacted molecule rearranges and produces a bright light, which is then detected in the NEMIS device. This highly sensitive reaction allows for detecting even a single starting bacterium and provides an objective, unambiguous readout, unlike color-change-based tests. AquaSpark™ makes the N-Light™ tests unparalleled in detecting various pathogens, offering extensive applications to ensure safety and health. 

Biosafety Cap: Enhancing Test Safety 
The Biosafety Cap is another key component in enhancing the safety of N-Light™ on-site testing. This cap has proven its reliability against stringent standards, including a no-leak guarantee at high pressure and resilience to impact, validated by a 1.2 m drop test. A simple push locks the tube before the incubation step, ensuring the containment of enriched harmful pathogens.

NEMIS Technologies' N-Light™ tests embody the pinnacle of innovation in pathogen detection, offering a safe, selective, and highly sensitive solution. This three-pronged approach ensures the highest performance standards for L. monocytogenes, Salmonella Risk, E. coli, and ATP detection, marking a significant leap forward for the industry.

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Date Published: 26th March 2024

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