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Why Manufacturers of Microbiological Culture Media Choose Hispanagar Agar and Peptones

Hispanagar is one of the few companies in the world that can provide clients with the two key elements for the manufacture of culture media in microbiology: agar and peptones.

The company, which has been manufacturing purified algae extracts worldwide since the 1950s, has combined its experience and knowledge with those of Biotecnica Internacional, a highly prestigious company specialized in the production of peptones, thus creating a wide product catalog focused on specialists in microbiology. This alliance, as explained by the company's manager, Javier Fern√°ndez, facilitates the procurement of agar and peptones jointly anywhere in the world, providing extremely competitive offers when purchasing both products. The comprehensive control of the processes in both companies ensures high-quality products.

Hispanagar operates directly in all origin areas of agarophyte algae. Throughout its extensive experience, the company has acquired a great knowledge of the species and their characteristics.

Biotecnica also certifies full traceability, which is essential for products of animal origin. Peptones, which are protein hydrolysates of different origins, favour the fast assimilation of peptides and amino acids by microorganisms, improving their growth and development in specific culture media. Moreover, their great versatility also allows for their use on an industrial scale as components of bacterial fermentation media in the production of biological components with high added value, such as antigens or probiotic products. Their thorough knowledge of agar, combined with extensive experience in the world of peptones, has led to the technical optimization of products so that their interaction in culture media is optimal.

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Date Published: 3rd August 2021

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