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9th July 2018  Content supplied by: Strategic Consulting, Inc.

Strategic Consulting: 5th Edition Industrial Microbiology Market Report

Strategic Consulting, Inc. (SCI) have announced that the 5th Edition of their industry-standard Industrial Microbiology Market Report has been published and is now available. For more information about IMMR-5 and a report prospectus, please visit, or contact SCI at

Industrial Microbiology Market Report, 5th Edition (IMMR-5) provides an in-depth analysis of the worldwide industrial microbiology marketplace, including market size, growth rates, specifics on where and how testing occurs, detailed market estimates for 2018, and projections for the market through 2023. IMMR-5’s foundation is original market research gathered from more than 850 companies and processing locations in more than 70 countries. This use of primary research and data has been the hallmark of all SCI reports.

The industrial microbiology testing market includes all microbiological testing done globally to ensure product and process safety in the Food Safety, Beverage, Pharmaceuticals, Personal Care/Cosmetics, Environmental and Industrial Processing sectors. IMMR-5 provides detailed testing practices and test technologies on these six sectors on a worldwide basis, as well as market data and analysis from five world regions: North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America and Rest of the World.

The industrial microbiology market will exceed 2.4 billion tests in 2018, continuing its worldwide growth as high demand for food safety, pharmaceuticals and personal care testing adds growth opportunities. Food microbiology testing, especially the detection of food pathogens, will lead this sector’s growth with worldwide test volumes approaching 1.3 billion tests and with a market value of greater than US $4 billion. Demand for food safety laboratory services is growing even faster -- at double digits – and leads the food safety sector as food processers increasingly outsource food pathogen analysis to food commercial laboratories.

SCI’s markets reports have been published since 1998 and all reports have been developed utilizing extensive primary market research. This differentiates SCI’s reports from other commercial reports and is the reason they are considered the standard for characterization of industrial microbiology markets worldwide. Companies in industrial diagnostics, commercial laboratories and financial investors use SCI reports worldwide for strategic planning purposes, as well as, repeatedly used as the key market reference for major transactions in the industrial microbiology market.

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Date Published: 9th July 2018

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