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15th March 2019  Content supplied by: rapidmicrobiology.com

Special Focus on Testing for Allergens in Foods

In this rapidmicrobiology special focus we explore the latest on testing for allergens in foods, food safety expert Rob Kooijmans gives some pointers to sure your allergen testing programme is delivering, there's also SAFETY HUD, a new initative that will keep you up to date with the latest food recalls including those due to undeclared allergens, plus we showcase products ranging from lateral flow devices for CIP testing, through ELISA kits and real time PCR assays for automated, high throughput labs. If it's all too much then there are the providers that offer a contract service laboratory as an out-sourcing alternative.


4 things you should know about allergen testing in foods

4 Things You Might Not Know About Allergen Testing in Foods

Food Safety Experts co-founder Rob Kooijmans highlights some key points that food companies need to know in order to ensure their allergen testing delivers accurate results. more...


Keep Up To Date with the Latest Food Alerts Due to Allergens

How to Keep Up To Date with the Latest Food Alerts Due to Allergens 

Discover SAFETY HUD, the new solution launched by Mérieux NutriSciences to support the risk assessment of food products.  In particular, you will know how to keep up to date about alerts and product recalls in relation to allergens, with possible impact on your markets. more...


Neogen Your Allergen Management Partner

Neogen Your Allergen Management Partner

For over 25 years Neogen Europe has been a trusted partner for food manufacturers and testing laboratories providing an established range of allergen testing solutions, however we are much more than just a manufacturer of kits. more...


Allergen Testing

The Complete Allergen Portfolio for Your Specific Testing Needs

Do you require faster results, high throughput solutions, standardized operating procedures, or are you starting your own testing lab from scratch? BIOTECON Diagnostics is the one stop shop for all you allergen testing needs! more...




Challenges for Allergen Management

New developments in the food industry bring new challenges for allergen management programmes, discover the latest risks here.  more...



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RSSL Allergen Management - Providing the Complete Solution

RSSL Allergen Management - Providing the Complete Solution

RSSL can provide you with the complete allergen management solution in food manufacture and retail.  We offer a rapid-turnaround, reliable and comprehensive food allergen testing service to help you meet food labelling requirements, ensuring consumer safety and protecting your brand reputation. more...


Allergen Testing

MonoTrace® Soy ELISA Kit - Detects and/or Quantifies Soy in Wide Range of Matrices

The MonoTrace Soy ELISA provides a rapid, highly sensitive and specific method for the detection or quantification of soy within a wide range of food matrices. Check if your matrix of interest has been validated for cross reactivity and recovery. more...




Date Published: 15th March 2019

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