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16th March 2021  Content supplied by: INTERSCIENCE

RollBag® - A New Wire Free Range of Sterile Sampling Bags

INTERSCIENCE has launched RollBag®, a new range of sterile sampling bags. RollBag® is a PolySilk® bag with a sticker closure for the sampling of any liquid or solid sample, specially designed for the food, medical, animal health or environmental industries.

Developed to guarantee optimal sampling conditions, it preserves the integrity of the samples and can then be disposed of more economically.

“RollBag® is wire-free and therefore much easier to dispose of than a conventional sample wire bag. The wire indeed implies a disposal in the infectious risk biohazard waste stream in the category of sharp objects waste. This implies a high waste treatment cost. The new RollBag® can be treated as soft waste which can be crushed and incinerated. This allows the waste category to be downgraded to a more economical category!” explains Sylvie Viboud, Ph.D, Head of the Microbiology Department at INTERSCIENCE.

The 11 new bag sizes have a pre-cut and sterile packaging. The closure is watertight, simply by rolling up the bag and affixing the sticker. Made of PolySilk®, a material that is highly resistant to punctures and with extra-strong welds, the RollBag® are the new all-terrain bags!

“In addition to its robustness, RollBag® is up to 30% less expensive than most sampling solutions such as wire bags or jars!”, says Daniele Pisaneschi, INTERSCIENCE International Sales Manager.

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Date Published: 16th March 2021

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