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23rd February 2012  Content supplied by: Seward

Regional Hub Sees Growth for Stomacher® Sample Preparation Products

Seward Ltd celebrates a successful first year's trading from its Singapore facility. This regional hub, delivering high quality sales, technical and distribution support to all Seward customers throughout Asia, the Pacific and the Middle East, has seen significant growth in all its sample preparation products for microbiological analyses; most notably within the food testing market.

Established in early 2011 in order to better support regional customers, Seward has been able to reduce freight costs for its customers, in addition to being able to rapidly supply products and direct support without time-zone delay. Seward can also better understand its local customers' specific needs. The Asia, Pacific and Middle Eastern markets for Seward's Stomacher® product range, for example, are continuing to evolve, with particular emphasis on technology for assessing food safety and freshness, not only for export, but also domestic markets.

With increased infrastructure being put in place for new domestic food testing standards being introduced within the region, Seward has noted significant increases in sales of its Stomacher 400 paddle blender and Stomacher 3500, for larger sampling protocols. This trend is highlighted by India formalising its Food Safety and Standards Regulations in 2011, following its Food Safety and Standards Act 2006. Seward sees this upward trend continuing, since there is a broad range of Food Safety Regulations and enforcement in the APAC region. Singapore, for example, continues to strictly regulate its food safety standards and testing, whilst other countries are yet to ensure rigorous implementation of such regulations, but are in the early adoption stages.

"The first year of operation from our Singapore facility has proved very positive, not only in terms of growth, but also through our closer distributor relationships and enhanced customer support network," said Daniel Crothers, Managing Director Singapore, Seward International Pte Ltd. "Our new supply and support hub means that we have been able to reduce product supply lead times to customers, thereby ensuring that laboratories have affordable stock to hand when needed. We can also provide faster access to technical support and servicing, minimising the risk of laboratory downtime by stocking a wide range of spares."


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Date Published: 23rd February 2012

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