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9th November 2021  Content supplied by: Sartorius AG

Quality Control of Wine Just Got Easier - New Features for Increased Efficiency and Usability

Recently, Sartorius unveiled two products to enhance microbiological hygienic quality in laboratories and significantly increase the shelf life of membrane filter technology, both of which play an important role in the quality control of wine and other beverages.

Microsart® Manifold:

  • Less risk of secondary contamination
  • Reduced assembly complexity
  • Robust system (all stainless steel)
  • Flexible system in terms of the direction of use


A lot of customers had been using agar plates so the microorganisms could get the nutrients they needed to multiply.


Nutrient Pad Sets (NPS)

  • Nutrient pad sets are dehydrated
  • Shelf life of the product is increased for up to two years
  • No need for refrigeration.

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Date Published: 9th November 2021

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