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20th June 2024  Content supplied by: Sartorius AG

New Water Purification System Arium® Mini Extend for Versatile Type 1 Water Dispensing

  • Compact design integrates Type 1 water purification with a flexible dispensing unit
  • Choice of four models tailored to different feed water sources and applications
  • User-friendly interface featuring a large color touchscreen and intuitive operation

Sartorius has introduced the Arium® Mini Extend, the newest member of the Arium® Mini family. Designed to meet the Type 1 water demands of laboratories for general, life-science and analytical applications, this compact, ultrapure laboratory water purification system provides outstanding flexibility and convenience.

Incorporating a flexible, ergonomic handheld dispenser, a user-friendly digital display, and the popular Arium® Bagtank technology into one space-efficient design, the Arium® Mini Extend significantly optimizes laboratory workflows. The dispensing unit, equipped with an independent volume control function, expands the access area for ultrapure water and streamlines processes, particularly those that require repeated dispensing. Operation and maintenance are simplified with intuitive menus and a 5-liter Bagtank for purified water storage, which facilitates cleaning procedures and ensures uninterrupted laboratory workflows.

Available models include Arium® Mini Essential Extend (for pretreated water feed) and Arium® Mini Plus Extend (for potable tap water feed), with an optional UV-lamp for achieving TOC levels ≤5 ppb. The systems pair easily with SterilePlus or CellPlus end filters, delivering reproducible results across various applications, from life sciences to analytical chemistry.

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Date Published: 20th June 2024

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