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14th January 2021  Content supplied by: IUL S.A.

Now it's up to Microbiology to Catch-up on Automation. Time to Advance!

The spiral plater is a two-in-one method: diluter and plater at the same time, one of the most time- and waste-volume saving methods of inoculation. The Eddy Jet 2W spiral plater from IUL allows a reduced cost per test, less hands-on time, and less use of consumables during bacterial enumeration, while increasing a microbiology lab’s productivity. This cutting-edge spiral plater automates, standardizes, and streamlines plate inoculations with its patented cross-contamination free technology. Micro syringes confer the system unique, unmatched advantages that make it a bestseller. The user interface is very intuitive and there are no setup times. Switch on and get started!

Colony Counting is considered a very tedious, repetitive activity, and its manual recording of results requires re-typing them into the lab LIM’s system, which contributes to error and non-conformity. Automation of colony counting reduces counting time from minutes to seconds, removes recording errors, and standardizes counting across different users. The SphereFlash® is an automatic colony counter that meets all the requirements of a modern microbiology laboratory. With numerous SphereFlash® colony counters units installed in a variety of microbiology laboratories in industries such as Environmental, Food, Pharma, Biotech, etc., the IUL’s SphereFlash® automatic colony counter utilizes cutting edge technology lighting conditions and intelligent software that makes day to day work easier than ever. The new patented illumination device enables processing of any media type, including transparent/opaque agar, without interference from ambient light sources, as the sphere lowers into place creating an isolated environment. 

Are you ready to increase your productivity and reduce the errors that are associated with counting by the human eye?

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Date Published: 14th January 2021

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