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7th September 2015  Content supplied by: Eurofins

New Service for Microbiome Profiling in Food, Pharma and Environmental Samples

Eurofins Genomics together with Eurofins Food Microbiology laboratory in Nantes launch Next Generation Sequencing [NGS] services for bacterial community screening and microbiome profiling.

The aim of 16S rDNA screening is the identification of microorganism communities present in a sample. The classical targeted microbiology approach, mainly performed with Sanger sequencing or qPCR, is restricted to the detection of predefined microorganisms. In contrast, non-targeted bacterial screening using next generation sequencing techniques helps to identify a broad spectrum of microorganisms within e.g. fermented food products and to better understand their interactions. Depending on the sample source and the subsequent actions, different expansions of 16S microbiome profiling is required. For this reason two major services are now available to serve the specific market needs.

Non-targeted bacterial screening (NGS Microbiology Screening) for food and feed testing

The non-targeted bacterial screening can be undertaken on raw or processed food matrices and provides a comprehensive view of the flora present in the product, thanks to advanced bioinformatics and database solutions.

16S Microbiome Profiling package for academia and research

This package is particularly dedicated to the needs of academia, pharma and environmental researchers. The customer can choose from several add-on options such as DNA extraction and bioinformatics as well as the specific 16S regions.

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Date Published: 7th September 2015

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