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4th October 2016  Content supplied by: Clear Labs

Clear Labs Offers WGS Testing Service to Food Industry

Clear Labs, the world’s first food analytics platform for retailers and manufacturers, has released a comprehensive Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) test. The new test allows the food industry to identify specific pathogen strains, monitor for pathogen-related problems in the food supply, and trace outbreaks.   The new test pairs WGS technology with Clear Labs’ proprietary analytics pipeline to enable retailers and manufacturers to understand how different pathogen and probiotic strains are related to one another, how they are connected evolutionarily, where they come from geographically, and with which food groups they are associated. At a more granular level, the test is also capable of matching pathogen strains with ingredients, allowing customers to correlate the strain of bacteria with specific food ingredients and suppliers.   With the roll-out of the The Food Safety Modernization Act, food retailers, manufacturers, and suppliers are tasked with preventing outbreaks, as opposed to simply managing them when they happen. Clear Labs’ WGS test enables retailers and manufacturers to actively monitor their supply chain and reduce the risk of outbreaks and recalls. The new Whole-Genome Sequencing test is currently being used by a large global manufacturing company and a national testing lab to monitor pathogen risk across product lines.   “Whole Genome Sequencing is the gold standard for pathogen strain identification in the industry, and we’re proud to offer the most accurate and comprehensive test that’s available on the market today,” said Sasan Amini, CEO and co-founder of Clear Labs. “As the food industry shifts to a model that is proactive, instead of reactive, we want the industry to look to Clear Labs for the most reliable, accurate, and cost-effective solutions to help them avoid costly, harmful outbreaks and comply with FSMA.”   The Clear Labs WGS Test can be used:

  • To monitor ingredient supplies and the effectiveness of preventive and sanitary controls
  • To correlate a specific pathogen strain to a specific crop with a specific geographical origin (by comparing the WGS to a comprehensive database of outbreaks strains)
  • To develop new rapid method- and culture-independent tests
  •  To determine the persistence of pathogens in the environment
  •  To monitor emerging pathogens; and as a possible indicator of antimicrobial resistance

The test will start at $450 for single sample and decrease with volume, to below $100 for high volume testing.  

To learn more and to sign-up to start using Clear Labs’ WGS test, please visit:  

Alongside the Whole Genome Sequencing test, Clear Labs has also released a next-generation sequencing-based microbiome test that allows customers to associate microbiome data with specific food ingredients. The microbiome test can be applied to raw ingredients and finished products, as well as to human samples, and can be used to correlate findings and patterns through Clear Labs’ software analytics platform.   Customers can also use the test to to link human gut microbiome data to specific food ingredients, in order to architect personalized diets for individuals.   “Clear Labs is helping to usher in a new era of personalized food and personalized diets that will rest on optimizing human gut health,” said Mahni Ghorashi, co-founder of Clear Labs. “Our microbiome test allows forward-thinking organizations to begin to understand the relationship between the human microbiome and the microbiome of our food, so that they can determine individual-specific diet plans for optimal health.”   The technology is currently in use by an national lab network and research center. The price for the microbiome test starts at $250/sample, and decreases to tens of dollars per sample at scale.   To learn more about Clear Labs’ new NGS tests, please visit:

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Date Published: 4th October 2016

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