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19th November 2018  Content supplied by: Neogen Europe Limited

Neogen's solutions for Environmental Surface Monitoring

Neogen offers a comprehensive solution for environmental surface monitoring in food processing sites. This includes:

Listeria Right Now™

Neogen’s Listeria Right Now environmental monitoring tool is a rapid, easy to use test for the detection of Listeria spp. in less than 60 minutes, with no enrichment required. This means that no pathogens are required to be grown onsite, which can be a concern for manufacturers. The test is also destructive, again limiting risk of any cross contamination. Monitoring for Listeria in your environment can be used as a process control allowing you to perform corrective actions more quickly; which saves time when manufacturing.

AccuPoint® Advanced

Neogen’s AccuPoint® Advanced hygiene monitoring system is an ideal tool to complement your microbiology testing, to detect surface cleanliness within your environment. It is the first and only ATP system that has been rigorously tested and validated by AOAC as a Performance Tested Method.  Unlike traditional swabs, our unique surface samplers have a patented flat-head design for consistent sampling and are unrivalled in their accurate recovery of ATP, giving you confidence in your results.

Information from environmental monitoring can be used to make critical decisions and gives manufacturer’s confidence that their environment, and products, meet strict quality and safety guidelines. Reliable information can also result in the prevention of costly product recalls due to undiscovered contamination issues.

Alongside our solutions for environmental monitoring, we also offer a full culture media product range, including traditional dehydrated culture media as well as our ready-to-use pre-poured plates, tubes and bags, for all of your microbiological testing needs. 



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Date Published: 19th November 2018

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