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7th June 2023  Content supplied by: Diamidex

MICA Alicyclobacillus: Setting a New Standard for TAB Spoilage Detection 

Alicyclobacillus spp., also known as Thermophilic Acidophilic Bacteria (TAB) and particularly guaiacol-positive strains, are a cause of microbial spoilage in acid pH beverages such as fruit juices, juice related products, sodas and syrups. 

Due to its inconspicuous nature, large scale spoilage incidents can occur in the beverage industry. 

Effective and Rapid Detection with MICA Alicyclobacillus
Therefore, it is crucial, during the manufacturing process, to control and detect this genus of bacteria in the early stages of colony formation: which is now possible with  MICA Alicyclobacillus, from Diamidex. 

Combining the use of non-toxic fluorescence detection with revolutionary optical equipment, it is now possible to detect Alicyclobacillus guaiacol positive at their microcolony culture stage in 3 minutes, after only 24 hours of incubation on BAT agar for filterable samples (add 24 hours of pre-enrichment for non-filterable samples)… and with greater sensitivity (1CFU/membrane) than its competitors.  

Exceptional Sensitivity and Compliance
MICA’s extreme sensitivity can detect as little as 1 CFU of Alicyclobacillus guaiacol positive per membrane regardless of the sample volume, using the same procedure as IFU No. 12:2019 standard method. 

Ease of Use and Traceability
Easy to use and easy to implement, MICA is ergonomically designed and suitable for use by both technical and non-technical staff. In compliance with 21 CFR part 11 guidelines, the security and traceability of all data is ensured during the whole process with an individual login assigned to each operator. 

Results Integration and Rapid Delivery
All analyses are traceable, exportable and easily integrable with any standard LIMS or CRM system, making MICA an indispensable decision-support tool. 

Its unmatched rapidity in delivering results allows better productivity and optimization of stock rotation management. For all these reasons, MICA represents a new improved way to detect and count Alicyclobacillus in beverages. 

The Benefits of MICA Alicyclobacillus
In addition to its innovation, MICA Alicyclobacillus also features the following benefits: 

  • Competitive price 
  • Repeatability of results & readings 
  • Faster delivery of results 
  • Only Guaïacol positive 

Join Our User Community
Join our first users (ASPIS and SUMMERPRIDE FOOD) and improve your microbial quality control on this spoilage microbe. 

For more information, please visit the Diamidex website or alternatively view MICA's product page on rapidmicrobiology.  

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Date Published: 7th June 2023

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