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17th August 2016  Content supplied by: Mast Group Ltd

MASTASTREP™ Rapid Latex Test for Identification of Streptococci

1634_MAST_MASTASTREPStreptococci are microaerophilic, non-motile, spherical, Gram positive bacteria which often occur as chains on a Gram film and are strict or facultative anaerobes. Streptococci are found in humans and many animals mainly colonising nasal passages, intestinal tract and the mucosal surfaces of the mouth.

Differentiation of β- haemolytic streptococci into Lancefield groups is important for patient diagnosis and subsequent treatment, in particular Streptococcus pyogenes (group A) which is one the causes of necrotizing fasciitis. However, traditional Lancefield grouping techniques are time consuming and laborious. MASTASTREP™(RST201) combines the advantages of latex agglutination technology with a rapid extraction method to provide an efficient system for grouping all streptococci commonly found in human infections.


User friendly

  • Colour coded caps for easy identification of reagents
  • Small footprint for storage
  • Recyclable plastic container


  • Reagents contained in mini workstation


  • Simple test procedure saves time and is easy to perform
  • Stable liquid extraction enzyme means no reconstitution or freezing

Easy to read

  • Rapid, easy to read agglutination patterns

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Date Published: 17th August 2016

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