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2nd February 2021  Content supplied by: various sources as indicated

Making Listeria Testing Fast and Simple - A rapidmicrobiology Special Focus

Just a few Listeria cells can cause serious harm to a person if they ingest food contaminated with the pathogen. This invasive pathogen can infect the liver, brain and placenta, and therefore, the health of immunocompromised, elderly and pregnant are at risk.

It's a problematic bacterium for food manufacturers of ready-to-eat meals because of its ability to survive high-salinity and cold storage conditions. It also has built-up resistance to some common disinfectants and poor hygiene practices have been the cause of many Listeria outbreaks, as once it contaminates food it can grow quickly due to its broad pH range.

It's vital to protect your consumers and business from this opportunistic pathogen with the best Listeria test kits on the market which you will discover in this rapidmicrobiology special focus on Listeria testing. 

Hear from food safety expert Linda Everis (Campden BRI) in the latest episode of our rapidmicrobiology podcast series as she gives guidance on determining shelf-life with reference to Listeria and other well-known food pathogens. 

So many Listeria testing options to choose from: traditional, rapid and alternative - get help from Neogen with their free 'Guide to Food Microbiology Testing' reference tool, plus make sure to familiarize yourself with their extensive and comprehensive Listeria testing portfolio. 

Find how Bio-Rad Laboratories' complete testing solutions for Listeria spp., can suit your needs with their cost-effective RAPID'L.mono highly-selective chromogenic medium and the iQ-Check Listeria monocytogenes II and the iQ-Check Listeria spp. PCR Detection Kit.

Need a supplier of different sized swabs for your environmental sampling? - Check out Puritan's EnviroMax range, suitable for Listeria swabbing in small, tight spaces and large surfaces.

Want to increase your testing volume for Listeria but stay within a tight budget? - NEMIS Technologies specialize in safe on-site testing and bring you an inexpensive N-Light™Listeria monocytogenes rapid test.

Have the option of going automatic or manual with the Solus One Pathogen Detection System. This easy-to-use compact instrument can do high-throughput if required and delivers excellent traceability through its onboard barcode facility. 

Use SY-LAB's ISO 16140-2 validated rapid lateral-flow method to detect Listeria monocytogenes and all Listeria spp., within 25 minutes. 

If simple and quick results are all you want, CHROMagar™ has developed a unique solution using chromogenic culture media that combines both a screen and identification test.

Survey large surfaces and detect bio-film clusters of Listeria and other bacteria instantaneously with  Bactiscan from EIT International. This handheld device has been independently validated by Campden BRI and proven effective in many food, dairy and brewing companies. 

Shelf-Life Testing: Opening a Can of Worms - a rapidmicrobiology podcast

Shelf-Life Testing: Opening a Can of Worms - a rapidmicrobiology podcast

In this episode, Linda Everis (Principal Research Officer at Campden BRI) gives guidance for food manufacturers & processors in determining shelf-life and explains an array of useful techniques to ensure food safety. 
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NEOGEN’s Solutions for Listeria

NEOGEN’s Solutions for <em>Listeria</em>

We offer a range of traditional and alternative methods for the detection of Listeria, including our One Broth One Plate for Listeria workflow. View our innovative microbiology solutions with our free Guide to Food Microbiology Testing - learn more
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Bio-Rad's Listeria Detection Methods: All in One Place!

Bio-Rad's <em>Listeria </em>Detection Methods: All in One Place!

Bio-Rad offers a complete solution that simplifies your Listeria testing options for faster, more comprehensive results.
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Protect Your Operation from Making Industry's Listeria Outbreak News

Protect Your Operation from Making Industry's <em>Listeria </em>Outbreak News

You follow food industry news - looking for trends, new products, and reports of foodborne illness outbreaks. Protect your facility or retail operation by following industry guidelines, and test routinely for Listeria and other foodborne pathogens. 
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Why No One is Interested in Buying a Diagnostic Test for Listeria monocytogenes

Why No One is Interested in Buying a Diagnostic Test for <em>Listeria monocytogenes</em>

The AOAC PTM certified Nemis N-Light™ Listeria monocytogenes testing kit is transforming the way food factories carry out their environmental monitoring.
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Save Time, Not Energy With Solus One Listeria

Save Time, Not Energy With Solus One Listeria

Discover how Solus One Listeria can maximise your workflow potential with automation solutions that unleashes capabilities of carrying out two 96-well plates simultaneously, generating results for up to 576 samples in an 8-hour shift.
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CHROMagar™, a Unique and Rapid Solution for Detection of L. monocytogenes in Food Samples

CHROMagar™, a Unique and Rapid Solution for Detection of <em>L. monocytogenes</em> in Food Samples

CHROMagar™ Listeria and CHROMagar™ Identification Listeria are two chromogenic culture media that can be used to screen Listeria spp. and identify Listeria monocytogenes.
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RiboFlow® Listeria Twin - Rapid and Simple Molecular Detection

RiboFlow® Listeria Twin - Rapid and Simple Molecular Detection

SY-LAB´s RiboFlow® Listeria Twin will detect Listeria contamination quickly and reliably, reducing the need for sophisticated techniques. No expensive instruments. Fast, easier, and more affordable than conventional molecular tests.
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Instant, Reliable Detection of Biofilm Using the Bactiscan

Instant, Reliable Detection of Biofilm Using the Bactiscan

View presence of bacteria and biofilms in real-time without using any chemicals with the easy to operate hand held Bactiscan. Identify problem areas in your facility to take fast, effective remedial action.
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Date Published: 2nd February 2021

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