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10th September 2012  Content supplied by: Merck

LI and ICR Settle Plates for Passive Air Monitoring of Microbial Contaminants

ICR Settle PlatesMerck Millipore's Long Incubation (LI) Settle Plates are designed for microbial passive sampling during environmental monitoring in less critical areas of a manufacturing plant. Each plate is labeled with a data matrix barcode, containing its reference, lot, serial number and expiration date. Paperless documentation makes data transfer more secure while saving time and effort. Room temperature storage and long shelf life add to the convenience of the LI Settle Plates, produced in cleanrooms to minimize the risk of contamination. The plates' high filling volumes allow prolonged exposition and incubation. They can also be used for personnel monitoring or as disposables for active air monitoring with MAS air samplers.

ICR Settle Plates for use in isolators and critical cleanrooms are gamma-irradiated in their final packaging and come in transparent, H2O2-impermeable triple-barrier packaging for safe transportation. SDA is provided in pink plates, making it easy to distinguish between SDA and TSA. For more information about LI Settle Plates For more information about ICR Settle Plates

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Date Published: 10th September 2012

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