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31st March 2022  Content supplied by: IUL S.A.

IUL Celebrates 35 Years in Business

IUL celebrates its 35th anniversary, increasing its international business trajectory with different product lines and success stories in the microbiological, diagnosis, and veterinary environment.

Since 1987, IUL has been designing, producing, and marketing automated solutions for microbiology laboratories. Today their products are present in more than 100 countries around the world.

IUL’s goal is to provide more convenient, safe, and reliable microbiological monitoring for industry, and to offer devices either for in vitro diagnostics (IVD) or veterinary use, and quality assurance in the industry. All these in a safe, cheerful, and non-discriminatory working environment. IUL is ISO 9001:2015 (AENOR), and ISO 13485:2016 certified by BSI.

According to its CEO, "IUL's team is our most value asset. Multidisciplinary people working together and committed to the same goal, to make the world a safer place to live."

From one homogenizer to four product lines

Its founders, Victor Font and Miquel Lleonart, introduced IUL to the market with its first product, the Masticator paddle blender. Today the company has 4 divisions and is led by CEO Vicenç Font, Victor's son.

IUL started to develop its activity around homogenizers and manual colony counters. In the 90s, they manufactured their first equipment that enabled to count colonies automatically with their own developed software (Countermat, 1993).

IUL quickly went a step further with the market launch in 1996 of a Spiral Plater for inoculation, the EddyJet. By being IUL’s 16th technology to be granted a patent, the EddyJet brought a greater impulsion to the company. It is the world’s leader spiral plater for inoculation.

As they were specializing in image treatment and they launched new automatic colony counters: the Countermat Flash (1998), the Flash&Go (2006), and then the SphereFlash in (2017). Until today, the SphereFlash is positioned as a leader in the automatic colony counter market.

In 2015, while having great experience in image acquisition, they started producing rapid-test readers for veterinary use, which main purpose was to detect sicknesses for cats and dogs. Right afterwards a new division was born: MedIUL, Lateral Flow Readers for In-vitro diagnostics for human health.

State-of-the art Lateral Flow Readers

Since 2020, they are designing, manufacturing, and selling worldwide Lateral Flow Readers, either for colorimetric or fluorescence-labeled lateral flow assays, that are quantitative, qualitative, and semi quantitative. They provide utmost sensitivity and reproducibility, enable sample tracking, and secure connectivity. As an example, public and private global entities have put their trust in them regarding SARS-COV-2 detection, as they chose their reader for their rapid-test.

IUL’s philosophy is oriented towards investing in R&D+I and industry 4.0 (IoT, smart manufacturing through 3D printing, etc). Beside the fact that it provides great quality to their products, this brings them also freedom of design, resulting in important added value, minimum time to market, as well as a low ecological footprint.

Their production methods enable them to provide OEM projects as well, fully personalized depending on their customers need.

In 2022, about 45 women and men are part of IUL’s family, bringing the essence of IUL: the combination of great engineering knowledge as well as multidisciplined skilled talents.

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Date Published: 31st March 2022

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