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2nd March 2022  Content supplied by: INTERSCIENCE

Increase Your Lab Capacities With the Dilute and Blend System

Sample prep can be key in accurate analysis. By implementing quality assurance testing, laboratories will be able to improve their sample prep processes as well as help prevent any compliance issues further along in the supply chain.

INTERSCIENCE products are used for collecting and testing any solid sample to get fully traceable bacterial results with CFU images, bacterial results, and sample data available as Excel files, printed pdf reports, recountable scan files.

INTERSCIENCE has been developing and manufacturing innovative scientific equipment for microbiology for over 40 years, and our products have been used in laboratories for sample prep. Two such products make up the Dilute & Blend system, which is a winning combination to ensure accuracy and efficiency while avoiding the risk of cross-contamination. The DiluFlow gravimetric dilutor is designed for the automatic dilution of a solid sample with the appropriate weight of diluent. Simply dilute your sample by pressing 2 keys, and the proper amount of buffer diluent is added to your sample. The BagMixer lab blender automatically homogenizes any solid sample in a sterile bag and allows safe and easy extraction of bacteria.

The Dilute & Blend system is the best way to prepare your sample:

  • No more risk of cross-contamination
  • Accurate results with excellent reproducibility
  • Significantly increase your lab capacities


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Date Published: 2nd March 2022

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