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29th May 2023  Content supplied by: Xi'an Tianlong Science and Technology Co., Ltd.

Hot Sale - Norovirus (NoV) Genotype GI/GII PCR Detection Kit

The Tianlong Norovirus (NoV) Genotype GI/GII Nucleic Acid Detection Kit is for the qualitative detection of Norovirus (NoV) Genotype GI/GII nucleic acid by Real-time reverse transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction (Real-time RT-PCR) method.

The kit can detect RNA from Norovirus (NoV) Genotype GI/GII in specimens such as stool swabs collected from individual personnel based on clinical or epidemiological criteria. It can assist in the diagnosis and treatment of Norovirus (NoV) patients and help in public healthcare management.

Key benefits

  • Detection and differentiation of Norovirus (NoV) GI/GII
  • Strong compatability
  • Precision: CV% <5%
  • high specificity

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Date Published: 29th May 2023

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