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10th April 2023  Content supplied by: EIT International

Hard to Test Areas and Pipework in Your Production Facility? You Need a Bactiscope™

What is Bactiscope™?

Bactiscope™ is a portable detection system using proprietary wave alternating UV technology. It is fundamentally a camera probe with an external diameter of 37mm on a flexi-cable (up to 5m long) that can be used in hard-to-access areas that enables you to immediately identify sites of bacteria and biofilm contamination. Production managers in dairy, pharma and food production facilities are relied upon to make a critical decision every day, namely whether to start production or not; use of EIT International bacteria and biofilm detection products can help make this critical decision more certain. The video images from Bactiscope™ can be captured and uploaded to an internal Quality System to form the basis of any documented corrective action and for audit/compliance requirements.

The Bactiscope™ makes identification and remediation works faster and therefore more cost-effective than alternative methods.

The benefits to you?

  • Immediately identify sites of biofilm, mould, bacteria, product residue and many other contaminants
  • Inspect within pipes and in hard-to-reach areas quickly and easily
  • No harmful dyes are used – Bactiscope™ is environmentally friendly and safe to handle/use
  • For most areas, downtime is not required
  • View on video capture screen and record results
  • Can help save money by making ATP testing more targeted


Contact us to discover more or visit: www.eit-international.com. Alternatively, use the Request Information button below to email EIT directly.

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Date Published: 10th April 2023

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