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10th June 2013  Content supplied by: Campden BRI

Food Microbiology Laboratories - New Guidance from Campden BRI

A new edition of a well-established guide from Campden BRI will help food microbiologists to run their laboratories safely and efficiently and help ensure that they generate results that are valid and meaningful. A code of practice for microbiology laboratories handling food, drink and associated samples (Campden BRI Guideline No. 9 - 4th edition) (see www.campdenbri.co.uk) has been extensively revised and updated to build on the success of the earlier editions and benefit from practically orientated user-feedback. Its focus, however, remains strongly practical.After introductory sections on the principles of laboratory safety and security and laboratory management, it provides guidance on the main points to consider when using specific pieces of laboratory equipment. It then provides extensive guidance on media preparation, a range of basic microbiological procedures, and the calculation and recording of results. Supplementary sections include lists of useful references and websites and several appendices which contain information on equipment quality monitoring checks, microscopy techniques including staining, and sample laboratory record pages.

Microbiological analysis of foods can involve any of a range of techniques - often quite sophisticated - for detection, identification, confirmation and enumeration of specific micro-organisms or groups of micro-organism. Obtaining valid and meaningful results, however, requires that the principles of good laboratory practice (GLP) are applied not just to these final analyses but to the many steps and laboratory procedures through which the samples pass en route to the analysis. This practical laboratory guide provides a firm basis on which to establish and maintain such good practice.

For further information contact Kristina Booker - pubs@campdenbri.co.uk +44(0)1386 842048.


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Date Published: 10th June 2013

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