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12th February 2016  Content supplied by: ELITechGroup

Easy Textbook Quality Staining Every Time with Aerospray® TB series2

ELITechGroup Biomedical Systems has vast experience and proven expertise in producing practical and dependable slide‐stainers and cytocentrifuges that are used throughout the globe, providing elite technology for laboratories of every size.

Since 2013, ELITech has been working to update its entire line of series 1 Aerospray® strainers to the new series 2 design. The Aerospray Gram model was first, which was followed by the Aerospray Hematology Stat and Pro models. ELITech has now launched its new Aerospray® TB stainer to complete the series 2 product line update.

Aligned on the other models, the new TB generation will be more oriented towards simplified ease‐of‐ use, by offering new features such as:

  • large touch screen
  • barcode reader
  • intuitive user interface with language selection and help screens.

A key objective for the TB model was to deliver upgraded and more flexible programming in order to provide exceptional performance of the staining process with the various approaches used worldwide.

The system also needed to demonstrate superior results over a range of specimens from negative or rare detection to those with strong positive results. This has been achieved and demonstrated in multicenter international evaluations.

The full line of Aerospray® series 2 stainers aspires establishes a new standard is traceability. The series 2 memory stores critical information including: reagent data, specimen ID, user ID, and cycle operation history; all exportable via a USB port. ELITechGroup Biomedical Systems offers a complete range of dual‐ purpose stainer/cytocentrifuge models for the Microbiology and Hematology laboratories.

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Date Published: 12th February 2016

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