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14th November 2019  Content supplied by: Conda S A

Culture Media Experts Condalab Announce Investment

The first Spanish manufacturer of culture media for microbiology and molecular biology has renewed its facilities and corporate image.

With almost 60 years of history in the field of microbiology and molecular biology, Condalab continues to make history as it launches its new corporate identity, website and plant refurbishment.

This great change responds to one of the company's main values and its main vocation: Innovation. This enthusiasm pushes Condalab to explore new horizons, to continue growing and to seek continuous improvement in its processes in order to maintain its position as a benchmark within the industry, both in Spain and internationally.

The modernized image, with a new logo, is a reflection of the renewal of a brand that supports the traditional quality of its products, innovation, and ability to overcome challenges during its long history as a pioneering company in this industry in Spain. 

Condalab has completely renovated its plant in Madrid, equipping it with modern machinery, which, together with its characteristic quality standards and operational processes, places it at the forefront of the industry as one of the most cutting-edge companies, combining tradition, know-how, and innovation.

A key part of this renewal is its new website, which is now more visual and intuitive. Users can find products more easily thanks to a powerful search tool, and access a large amount of technical documentation on the products, download all technical datasheets, safety manuals, certificates of analysis, etc.

Founded in 1960, Condalab is Europe's leading manufacturer of dehydrated culture media, and its catalogue also includes key products for microbiology and molecular biology such as agars, peptones, and agaroses. For years, the company has been a leading light in Spain in the distribution of reagents for molecular and cellular biology of leading industry brands, contributing to the most technologically advanced industrial and clinical research. From its Madrid factory, it exports to more than 130 countries all over the world, with its own offices and authorized distributors.

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Date Published: 14th November 2019

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