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14th March 2022  Content supplied by: Thermo Fisher Scientific (Industrial Applications)

Compliance Without Compromise for Your Environmental Monitoring

  • Unique VHP indicator to confirm the integrity of the see-through triple wrapping and designed to keep your media in optimal condition – for results you can rely on.
  • Innovative technology. Available with 2D barcoding to let you ensure sampling accuracy with full traceability, while sanitized polypropylene storage boxes ensure sterility every time.
  • High volume that lasts. Not only do our plates have improved shelf-life and room temperature storage, they’re also available in high-volume single lots for ultimate convenience and reliability of stock.

Settling Plates containing Tryptic Soy Agar (TSA), a general-purpose medium, available with or without neutralizers for passive and active air sampling applications.

Contact Plates containing TSA with neutralizers are designed for the microbiological testing of surfaces and personnel, and the new format makes them even easier to store, handle and use. Our secure-fit lid prevents accidental exposure of the agar and ensures the integrity of the medium during handling and transport. Automated manufacturing procedures ensure a smooth, evenly distributed layer of agar on each plate. A grid on the base of the plate subdivides the growth area to aid accurate colony counts.

All Triple Wrap Plates undergo quantitative quality control testing in accordance with the USP, using a low-dose inoculum to check for optimum performance. The range provides high quality culture media for total aerobic microbial counts, coliform bacteria counts and yeast/mold counts, for use in designated clean areas.

From see-through triple wrapping to 2D bar-coding and high-volume lots with a long shelf-life – it’s the obvious choice for superior environmental monitoring.

To find out more about Thermo Scientific Triple Wrap Plates and other media for your Environmental Monitoring, visit: or click on the Request Information button below.

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Date Published: 14th March 2022

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