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19th October 2021  Content supplied by: INTERSCIENCE

Best Selling BagFilter P 400 now with Innovative Closing Zone Marking

The original, even better: Closing Zone marking - ideal for incubator enrichment operations

INTERSCIENCE presents an evolution of its BagFilter P400, best-selling side filter bag, with the marking - Closing zone - which allows instinctive and precise placement of the closing bar for a guaranteed leak-proof sample.

This patent-pending visual enhancement for the technician undoubtedly improves incubation in the laboratory by eliminating capillary rise during the incubation stage of enrichment.

"Incorrect positioning of the closing clip on the bag leads to capillary rise of the sample. Some customers have had cases of cross-contamination during the enrichment stage. The Closing Zone marking is an improvement that provides security for the technician and the samples." explains Manon Laborie, Application Manager.

Indeed, when testing for pathogens such as Listeria or Salmonella, it is necessary to incubate the sampled bags for the enrichment stage. Laboratory operators have noticed that during the incubation time of the enrichment, the bags, even when closed, spill all or part of their contents into the ovens. Poorly positioned, poorly clipped, the potentially contaminated sample leaks out of the bag by capillary action, the "siphon effect", due to the presence of the filtering wall.

In order to secure the handling of the technician and the sample, the correct positioning of the closure is an important point. This prevents cross-contamination, unusable samples, and loss of time.

The new Closing Zone marking offers time saving, efficiency and security when positioning the BagClip. At a height precisely defined by the marking, it is immediately recognizable by the technician.

Resulting from a collaboration with a customer problem, the marking - Closing Zone - is adapted to all types of closing systems. BagFilter P - Closing Zone - now offers peace of mind to hundreds of teams in analytical production.

Key points:
  • Safety of the sample and the operator
  • Time-saving in handling
  • Guaranteed cleanliness of incubators

Visit Interscience to find out more or contact Interscience using the green "Request Information" button below.

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Date Published: 19th October 2021

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