Charles River Endosafe Trillium rCR cartridges

Microbiology News: food-beverage, May 2024

Mycotoxin Lateral Flow Devices
Innovative mycotoxin lateral flow devices - discover the fastest commercially available option for deoxynivalenol and total aflatoxins screening - watch the Gold Standard Diagnostics webinar more...
Zeptometrix NSI Lauren Stainback
In this episode with ZeptoMetrix NSI's Lauren Stainback, we learn why CRMs and PTs should be used to validate food safety analysis methods and ensure analytical data quality. Also, Lauren gives her opinion on FSMA and the most recent food safety recalls. more...

ATP Detection: Overcoming Challenges in Hygiene Monitoring

21 May 2024 | Food & BeverageWaterPharmaceutical

ATP flow
ATP detection offers ways of optimizing cleanliness verification. Explore how ProGnosis Biotech’s ATP FLOW series enhances hygiene monitoring in labs and food industries, ensuring superior cleanliness. more...
Serial Diluter UC
Our users love the Serial Diluter UC, highlighting its ability to transform laboratory workflows. This cutting-edge system automates the measuring and dispensing of diluents and incorporates automatic mixing, eliminating the need for additional manual handling. more...

Neogen® Releases New Veratox® VIP for Walnut

21 May 2024 | Food & Beverage

Veratox VIP for Walnut
Neogen® has released its innovative Veratox® VIP assay for the detection of walnut. The allergen test demonstrates enhanced sensitivity including the ability to test heat-processed samples, while maintaining the simple testing methodology of the Veratox product line.   more...
Infant milk powder
Infant formula is crucial for a baby's growth and development, and it is essential to ensure its safety and quality. R-Biopharm offers solutions for infant formula testing, including multiplex qPCR kits for microbial safety and lactoferrin testing for milk powder. more...

Neogen introducing Veratox VIP for Walnut

RapidChek Total Protein - Detect as low as 3 microgram protein residue in 30 seconds

PDA Alternative Microbiological Methods Workshop 2024

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Pharma Microbiology Congress 2024

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