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Microbiology News: food-beverage, Jun 2024

More Accurate Coliform Detection With R-CARD® ECC-A - Eliminates Aeromonas False Positives

25 Jun 2024 | Food & BeverageWaterPharmaceuticalVeterinary

R Card ECC-A
Eliminate Aeromonas false positive coliform colonies by using the Roth Biosciences' R-CARD® ECC-A media; any Aeromonas colonies present are visible as faint yellow colonies that can easily be seen and counted. more...
GENE UP PCR Food Pathogens
When simplicity brings confidence. The NEW GENE-UP® PCR format enhances operator visibility and improves flexibility. Testing quality is increased and cross-contamination risk is reduced. more...
Wine Making
In the complex world of wine making, precision and quality control are paramount to delivering exceptional products. Real-time PCR is a great tool for gaining invaluable insights to the microbial status and thus enhancing quality control measures from grape to bottle. more...
Join us for a webinar covering the challenges associated with spoilage yeast identification and control, the importance of early detection, and how the new Thermo Scientific™ SureTect™ Brettanomyces spp. and S. cerevisiae Multiplex PCR Assay can enhance your quality control program more...
POLYWIPE in sealed Stomacher Bag format to increase convenience and efficiency
The new format of POLYWIPE™ combined with stomacher bag is particularly suitable for infection control applications. The POLYWIPE™ sponge is supplied inside a sealed stomacher bag, used to hold the sponge for sampling. It is also the transport bag for sending to the lab, ready to be processed. more...

Neogen introducing Veratox VIP for Walnut

RapidChek Total Protein - Detect as low as 3 microgram protein residue in 30 seconds

PDA Alternative Microbiological Methods Workshop 2024

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