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VIRSeek Solution Testing Kits

Detection kit for Norovirus and Hepatitis A

Principle: Real-time RT-PCR assays

Automation: No

Approvals: The VIRSeek Solution products allow ISO 15216-compliant analysis

Suitability: Low to medium throughput food-borne virus detection

Capital equipment required: Yes


The workflow is a comprehensive, ISO-compliant approach to virus detection of norovirus genogroup I, norovirus genogroup II and hepatitis A virus in food.  Eurofins GeneScan Technologies have five kits to provide the user with the tools to complete the virus detection from viral extraction to real-time RT-PCR, including a process control. Viral RNA can be extracted from a number of different food matrices including soft fruits, vegetables, bivalve molluscan shellfish, bottled water as well as on food surfaces.

Key Points:
  • Comprehensive, ISO-compliant workflow
  • Sensitive and reliable detection of three of the most relevant viruses for food safety
    • Norovirus genogroup I
    • Norovirus genogroup II
    • Hepatitis A virus
  • Process control virus with corresponding real-time RT-PCR kit for the thorough assessment of the viral extraction procedure
  • Internal positive control for efficient analytical procedure
  • Silica-coated magnetic bead extraction
  • Validated on Agilent AriaMxTM, Bio-Rad CFX96 TouchTM and TouchTM Deep Well cyclers


Kit Portfolio

  • VIRSeek RNAExtractor Food
  • VIRSeek Food Murine Norovirus (MNV) Process Control
  • VIRSeek Food Hepatitis A Virus
  • VIRSeek Food Norovirus Genogroup I
  • VIRSeek Food Norovirus Genogroup II


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