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Toxinometer® ET-7000 Endotoxin Measurement System

Toxinometer Endotoxin Measurement System

Principle: User-friendly, computer-operated kinetic tube reader that is able to perform all LAL testing methodologies.

Automation: Yes

Capital equipment required: No


The Toxinometer® ET-7000 is a computer-operated kinetic incubating tube reader, designed to be exceptionally user-friendly. State-of-the-art expansion modules can be connected to allow for endotoxin testing in a wide range of fields and sample quantities. The Toxinometer® ET-7000 can perform all LAL testing methodologies (gel clot, kinetic turbidimetric, and kinetic chromogenic assays). The instrument has 16 wells for single-test configuration in order to easily detect erroneous readings or contamination associated with each well. The kinetic incubating tube reader has uniformity temperature settings of 30°C and 37°C

Key Points:
  • Single assay module can simultaneously measure up to 16 samples
  • Expansion modules are available (up to 8) to extend the number of samples in multiples of 16
  • Single-test configuration avoids the “hot wells” phenomenon associated with microplate readers by evenly distributing the temperature in all single wells
  • Reduces the chance of contamination due to the single-well formats
  • Ideal for users who are converting from gel clot method to kinetic turbidimetric assays

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Tel: +1 804-714-1926

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