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SwabSURE ListeriaP - Monitors L. monocytogenes in Food Processing Environments

Eliminate your false positive Listeria

Manufacturer: Technical Service Consultants Ltd

Principle: Colour change indicates presence of phospholipase C an enzyme associated with pathogenicity.

Automation: NO

Approvals: ISO 18593:2004 compliant, validated by Campden BRI

Suitability: For use at grass roots level where swab test provides end-user with a reliable and accurate result eliminating the need of a contract laboratory.

Capital equipment required: YES - use of basic Incubator where product is incubated at 37C

Description: SwabSURE ListeriaP is an innovative colour change Listeria testing product for environmental monitoring and food contact surfaces. The presence of pathogenic Listeria monocytogenes and Listeria ivanovii is indicated by a colour change in the media following incubation. Other commensal organisms are prevented from growing by a combination of antibiotics and inhibitory compounds.
Key Points:
  • Sampling swabs are coloured blue for clear identification in a food processing environment
  • Open matrix of the foam swab enhances recovery and release of microbial cells ensuring accurate and reliable results
  • Neutralising buffer inactivates QACs, phenols, peroxides and other sanitisers increasing viability of sample
  • False positives eliminated by introduction of chromogenic media for easy identification
  • Simple and quick, ready-to-use with no mixing reagents or multiple steps
  • Results in 24-48 hours


    Food & Beverage
Company contact details:

Technical Service Consultants Ltd view full details
United Kingdom

Website: Visit Website
Tel: +44 1706 620600

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