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rqmicro Legionella Kits

rqmicro Legionella Kit

Principle: Immunomagnetic purification of cells and flow cytometric quantification

Automation: Yes

Approvals: • rqmicro validation • AOAC Certification mark for L. p. SG-1 assay, Licence No.: 052002

Suitability: • Potable water • Process water (e.g. cooling tower) • Custom solutions for highly demanding water matrices (e.g. car painting facilities, wastewater)

Capital equipment required: Yes


rqmicro developed highly specific kits to simplify, improve and accelerate the detection of Legionella in various water types.

It allows the quantification of intact Legionella cells within 2 hours. Importantly, the kit also detects viable but non-culturable cells (VBNC), which do not grow on culture media but can be still infectious. With the established cultivation method, VBNC cannot be detected. Due to that, water hygiene is currently difficult to manage and it is also the reason why dangerous Legionella are “suddenly” appearing in water systems. The rapid and quantitative result of the rqmicro Legionella assay, makes it easy to monitor water systems, measure treatment success and identify Legionella growth.

The assay can be run on the rqmicro.COUNT, which automatically performs sample purification and quantification. In addition, alternative sample purification protocols are available for manual purification or high sample throughput.

Key Points:
  • Assays for the quantification of Legionella pneumophila SG-1 and Legionella pneumophila SG-1-15
  • Includes viability assessment and detection of viable but non-culturable cells (VBNC)
  • Simple to follow user protocol
  • Actionable results within 2 hours
  • Automated sample processing and analysis with the rqmicro.COUNT


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