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26th July 2021  Content supplied by: rqmicro AG

AOAC Certification Mark for the Legionella pneumophilia SG1 DETECT Kit

The performance of the Legionella pneumophila (L.p.) SG1 DETECT Kit from rqmicro AG was reviewed for various water matrices under the AOAC INTERNATIONAL Research Institute (RI) Performance Tested Methods (PTM) Program and found to perform as stated by the manufacturer.

Legionnaire’s disease is a severe lung infection, resulting in a high fatality rate in patients. Legionella bacteria very often colonize artificial water systems. Among the more than 50 different Legionella species, L.p. serogroup 1 (SG1) is the most virulent strain responsible for most Legionellosis cases. The rqmicro L.p. SG1 DETECT Kit enables quantification of intact L.p. SG1 bacterial cells in various water matrices within 2 hours, and accordingly, the AOAC INTERNATIONAL RI confirmed its sensitivity, reliability, and robustness. The AOAC Certification Mark assures users that an independent assessment found that the test method performance meets an appropriate standard for its intended use.

“The L.p. SG1 DETECT Kit presents a new technology for environmental monitoring of Legionella with faster time to result and the high sensitivity of single-cell counting. The positively successful validation by the AOAC-RI is an important milestone in our mission to offer more reliable rapid tests for bacteria that represent a risk to public health. The actionable results provided by our products enable our customers to make water safe.” said Dr Hans-Anton Keserue, CEO of rqmicro.

Traditional microbial detection methods for Legionella are time-consuming, with high variability and low reliability, which does not meet the current market demand regarding the risk and water management needs. Therefore, a new, rapid and accurate detection method is required. Aware of the current market needs and requests, rqmicro has developed a new innovative technology platform with multiple functions and different applications in the water industry.

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Date Published: 26th July 2021

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