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Inlabtec Serial Dilution System for Total Counts

Automate serial dilutions
Manufacturer: iNLABTEC AG

Principle: Instrument dispenses and mixes each diltuion step

Automation: Yes


Suitability: Ideal for labs performing large numbers of serial dilutions

Capital equipment required: Yes


Automate your microbiology serial dilution process and replace glass tubes with convenient single-use sterile bags.

Key Points:
  • Avoid confusion and mistakes in preparing serial dilutions
  • Standardize the dilution process - a perfect serial dilution every time
  • No awkward handling of caps during pipetting
  • No physical stress due to manual sample vortexing
  • No more time consuming preparation of dilution tubes
  • Very short payback time for labs currently processing 100+ dilution tubes daily
Manufacture details:


St Gallen



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