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15th September 2022  Content supplied by: Diamidex

With MICA Pseudomonas, Keep Your Water QC Flowing

Based on bacterial fluorescence detection technology, MICA Pseudomonas allows the enumeration of Pseudomonas aeruginosa in 24 hours.

Combining the use of Artificial Intelligence argorithms with revolutionary optical equipment, it is now possible to target and count Pseudomonas aeruginosa at their microcolony culture stage after only 24 hours of incubation on an agar plate. No confirmation test and no added reagents needed!

MICA's extreme sensitivity results in a detection threshold of 1 CFU per membrane regardless of the sample volume. MICA has been specially designed to meet the needs of laboratories and therefore uses the same procedure as the standard ISO 16266 method.

Easy to use and easy to implement, MICA is ergonomically designed and suitable for use by both technical and non-technical staff. Following the 21 CFR part 11 guidelines, the security and traceability of all data is ensured during the whole process with an individual login assigned to each operator.

All analyses are traceable, exportable, and easily integrable with any standard LIMS or CRM system, making MICA an indispensable decision support tool.

Its unmatched rapidity in delivering results allows better productivity and optimization of stock rotation management. For all these reasons, MICA represents a new improved way to detect and count Pseudomonas aeruginosa in water.

99% correlation between MICA Pseudomonas & ISO method
Evaluation of MICA Pseudomonas performances compared to ISO 16266:2006 on laboratory strains


  • 612 analyses were carried out which break down as follows: 66% of positive tests P. aeruginosa, 26% of negative tests Pseudomonas spp. and contaminants, and finally 8% of negative matrices.
  • 362 comparisons of the MICA Pseudomonas protocol with the ISO 16266 reference method were done. The MICA Pseudomonas result was within a range of +/- 0.5 log from the ISO 16266 result for 384 (100%) of the data points.
  • The 22 different P. aeruginosa strains tested were all detected.

The bottom line about MICA:
Easy to use:

  • No change in use, same workflow as ISO 16266 standard method but with fewer steps
  • No confirmation test required


  • Faster time to result (24h with MICA vs 2-7 days with the standard method)
  • Much less human time (up to 40 min./sample with the standard method for a positive sample due to confirmations, 7 min./sample with MICA Pseudomonas)


  • Culture-based method
  • Human error limitation (automated reading)
  • 99% correlation between MICA Pseudomonas & ISO 16266 method


  • Large savings on analyses
  • Better reactivity due to faster result
  • The same MICA counter can be used to perform other analyses (Legionella pneumophila, Alicyclobacillus)

For more information: Visit MICA Pseudomonas Page or click on the Request Information button below.

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Date Published: 15th September 2022

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