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23rd February 2022  Content supplied by: SBT Instruments

Why You Should Choose the BactoBox Over Plate Counts

If you’re a microbiologist, you’re probably still stuck with a more than 100-year-old method. While the plate count is well established and has remarkable sensitivity the manual work is tedious, the days of waiting for colonies are frustrating and results are often associated with up to 35% variation.

In our recent blog post, we present growth curves from five very different bacterial species to prove that BactoBox is a close to 1:1 replacement for the plate count method for actively growing cultures. BactoBox provides actionable answers for here-and-now control of fermentation processes. It is cultivation-independent so there is no bias from media or growth conditions. Finally, BactoBox saves money and minimizes uninspiring work.

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Date Published: 23rd February 2022

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