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3rd June 2019  Content supplied by: Merck Millipore

[Webinar] New Tool to Assess Pyrogenic Risk in Pharmaceutical Processes

Preventing and assessing pyrogenic risk is key for product quality and patient safety. Subcellular components from microorganisms remaining from the production process can be a source of pyrogens as these substances are not eliminated by classical filtration or sterilization steps.

This pyrogenic risk cannot be solely attributed to endotoxins. The Monocyte Activation Test (MAT) is currently the only in vitro method designed for the detection of both endotoxins and non-endotoxin pyrogens (NEPs) that is supported by international regulations.


To learn more about this powerful tool to assess
pyrogenic risk in the pharmaceutical process:



To learn more about the validation method and results, Click Here

Contact Our Experts to see how our PyroMAT® system can provide a robust, reliable and standardized method for both endotoxin and non-endotoxin pyrogen detection in your lab.

Achieve higher sensitivity without testing on animals.

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Date Published: 3rd June 2019

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