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11th July 2022  Content supplied by: The Baker Company

Value Your Science.  Protect Your Experiments With CondoCell®!

Value your science. Protect your experiments with CondoCell®!

Your research is important. You don’t have to compromise on your experiments. Don’t leave your research at risk for contamination. You can reduce this risk with CondoCell, a contaminant free, environmentally secure, air-tight culture vessel.

Important cell cultures should be protected. High Value cell lines, such as those isolated from stem cells and primary tissue are too precious to lose. Any cell line you’ve invested in is critical. Your time, your research, and your resources are high value! The financial impact of losing a cell line to contamination can be significant. Mitigate that risk with CondoCell, a containment vessel that provides luxury accommodation for your cells. CondoCell captures the environment of any incubator or workstation making continuous, uninterrupted protection and portability accessible to all.

CondoCell offers protection. Mitigate the risk of cross contamination between cultures and from room air particulates, while maintaining key environmental conditions. CondoCell can be paired with any incubator to deliver stable, uninterrupted control of the growth environment AND reduces the likelihood of cross contamination within the incubator. From shelf to shelf and cell line to cell line, your research is protected from contamination.

CondoCell is portable. Portability allows for limited transport to and from an incubator or workstation while maintaining the culture environment. Your cultures are protected from the environment while outside the safety of the incubator. Now, you experiments can travel to microscopes and imaging, biosafety cabinets, and workstations without ever being exposed to contaminants or losing their optimal growth conditions.

With CondoCell you can be confident that your work will never be compromised by the limitation of your existing equipment, resulting in more, safer, and happier cells.
  • Portable Solution
  • Filtered, protected, and contained environment for you and your cells
  • Increases productivity allowing researchers to complete additional work
  • Constant optimal growth conditions now available for all laboratories
  • Adherent & Non-adherent cultures dependent on culture vessel
  • Precision control of gas within the specification of its housing incubator

Learn more about CondoCell luxury accommodation for cells or contact the supplier for more details using the green "Request Information" button below.

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Date Published: 11th July 2022

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