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12th July 2021  Content supplied by: NEMIS Technologies

Tradition With Innovation Makes New Things Possible - Including New Cheese Specialties

NEMIS in conversation with Urs, Christoph (Eyweid AG), and Mike Glauser (Jumi AG).

The Glauser family is now in its fourth generation with Christoph and Mike, the two sons of renowned cheesemaker Urs Glauser. This particular cheese dynasty stands out with its unique combination of tradition and innovative spirit. Countless cheese specialties are produced using traditional methods, yet the processes are optimized with the latest technologies. Urs Glauser states that the courage to innovate is in his blood. This also applies to quality management, where they have used the N-Light™ Listeria monocytogenes test from NEMIS since the beginning of the year.

Although control of the production environment is not yet required by law, an attitude change is taking place in quality management today. More and more food producers increasingly adopt a preventive approach: pathogens should be found as early as possible in the value chain. The Glausers are pioneers in this respect: between 12 and 20 swabs are taken every week in their production environment using the N-Light™ test.

New Technologies Make New Products Possible

In the meantime, the N-Light™ test has become the most critical component of the safety concept for producing a new raw milk soft cheese. Without it, they would have to send the samples to an external laboratory, which would drive up costs and waste valuable time. For Christoph, the added value of this test lies in the unique combination of these advantages: "Without the N-Light™ test, I could not sell the product. The cost and risk would be too high, and I would not be flexible enough. With our new adaptive system, we can assure product safety and quality.

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Date Published: 12th July 2021

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