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13th May 2024  Content supplied by: Micronic BV

The Eco-friendly Choice for Sample Storage

  • A new sustainable standard for sample storage racks.
  • Micronics Eco-Friendly Rack Range is made of 99% in-house renewed material.
  • Ideal for laboratories embracing a greener future.

Micronic, a leader in developing cutting-edge sample storage solutions, has proudly unveiled its latest innovation: an Eco-Friendly Rack Range. These Eco-Friendly Choice (EFC) Racks are made of 99% in-house renewed material (RM), setting a new sustainable standard for sample storage racks. The racks are an ideal solution for laboratories committed to embracing a greener future.

The official launch of the EFC Rack Range RM took place at the renowned SLAS2024 event, where it was received with great enthusiasm. The racks are uniquely made from scrap material sourced from Micronic’s own production facility in the Netherlands. Residual material from the injection molding process that is suitable for renewing is separated. Stringent quality control measures ensure no compromise in quality or integrity during the renewal process, guaranteeing high-quality renewed material. The various EFC Racks adhere to all quality standards comparable to those of racks made from virgin material. 

The 96-well format EFC RM Racks are currently available in four different tube sizes: 0.5ml, 0.75ml, 1.10ml, and 1.40ml. With a temperature range spanning from vapor phase LN2 up to +100⁰C, these racks accommodate various laboratory needs. Moreover, the entire range seamlessly integrates with automated storage systems and liquid handlers, because the racks adhere to the standard ANSI/SLAS (American National Standards Institute/ Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening) dimensional footprint. Each EFC Rack comes standard with a cover and lockers made from virgin polypropylene.

Micronic’s products are produced in a certified class-7 clean room environment at facilities in both the Netherlands and the United States. Micronic’s labware equipment is also assembled in-house. For more information click here or contact Micronic using the green "Request Information" button below.

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Date Published: 13th May 2024

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