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16th July 2015  Content supplied by: Seward Limited

Seward Introduces New Food Safety Sample Preparation Products at IAFP 2015

375g Salmonella stomacherSeward Ltd., will be highlighting their new introductions for food safety sample preparation at IAFP 2015 on Booth Number 523.

Attendees at IAFP 2015 will be among the first worldwide to see the newly launched Stomacher® 4500 BAM laboratory paddle blender specifically designed for large volume food safety testing procedures. Such procedures include the FDA's Bacteriological Analytical Manual (BAM), where 375g composite samples are required for the microbiological analyses of food.

IAFP 2015 will also see the global launch of a new range of instant sterile preparation media products which Seward will be introducing on Booth 523 to speed up and simplify sample preparation for microbiological analysis.

Experts in food sample preparation from both Seward Laboratory Systems Inc., the North American office of Seward Ltd., as well as its UK global headquarters will be on hand to demonstrate the new products. The full range of Stomacher® blenders and bags will also be on show. Seward representatives will be ready for discussion on why Stomacher® is the first choice for food microbiologists where safety and quality are the priorities. From traditional microbiology techniques using Petri dishes and broths to the latest PCR identification systems, the quality of sample processing is a key first stage.

“All protocols for the enumeration and identification of organisms in food require the best sample possible to be successful. Our Stomacher® 400 Circulator already has a proven reputation for maximising microorganism recovery by a patented combination of crushing and washing,” said Dan Crothers, Managing Director, Seward Ltd. “We look forward to meeting many food safety professionals at this year’s IAFP and introducing them to our new products. We can also discuss how these products will complement and uphold the Stomacher 400’s long heritage for quality in food sample preparation.”

As a Silver IAFP member Seward has also demonstrated its commitment to the IAFP’s mission of Advancing Food Safety Worldwide®.

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Date Published: 16th July 2015

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