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14th December 2020  Content supplied by: Biologix Group Limited

Saliva Collection Kit for COVID-19 Specimens With Classic or Inactivated Medium

For the collection, transportation, and storage of saliva samples, with stabilized nucleic acid. Biologix Group offers these saliva sample collectors for use in COVID-19 detection, gene detection, cytology sample processing, virology cell culture, ELISA, molecular diagnostic detection, and saliva extraction of microorganisms. Choose between classic media or media with viral inactivation.


  • Made of medical grade polypropylene.12ml medium preservation tubes enables the maximum collection of saliva sample.
  • Contactless saliva sample collection reduces the infection risk for healthcare workers.
  • Suitable for field, home use and clinic-based saliva collection.
  • Painless and reliable sample collection.

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Date Published: 14th December 2020

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