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9th December 2019  Content supplied by: Logos Biosystems, Inc.

Replacing CFU Counts with Single Bacterial Cell Detection

Replacing CFU counts with single bacterial cell detection.

The QUANTOM Tx Microbial Cell Counter is an image-based, automated cell counter that can detect individual bacterial cells in mere minutes. Its novel bacteria-optimized cell detection software can count individual bacterial cells in even the tightest clusters.

Innovations for Increased Counting Accuracy:

Uniform distribution and immobilisationbefore and after centrifugation The QUANTOM Centrifuge evenly distributes the cells along a single plane for accurate detection and QUANTOM™ Cell Loading Buffer I immobilises cells within the medium.

Bacteria specific declustering

declustering The QUANTOM Tx has a novel detection and declustering algorithm that can accurately count individual bacterial cells in tight clusters or long chains.


  • Results in minutes, not days
    • No culturing required
  • Accurate results
    • No user to user variability
    • No need to estimate based on CFU's or turbidity
  • Single bacterium detection
    • Regardless of cell size, shape or arrangement
    • Advanced bacterial cell counting software
  • Total and viable cell counts
    • Fluorescence stains for accurate cell detection
    • Multiple images captured and analysed


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Date Published: 9th December 2019

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