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28th August 2017  Content supplied by: Logos Biosystems, Inc.

Rapid and Accurate Counting of Single Bacterial Cells

The QUANTOM Tx™ Microbial Cell Counter can automatically count individual bacterial cells in minutes by counting fluoresence-stained cells through automated fluorescence imaging and software analysis to produce an objective total bacterial cell count. Which is unlike expensive flow and laser scanning cytometers that count each particle whether they are a single cell or a clustered group of cells as a single event.

The sophisticated QUANTOM™ cell counting algorithm is the first of its kind, capable of detecting individual bacterial cells regardless of their diverse morphologies and arrangements. Multiple images of fluorescence-stained cells are captured and analyzed automatically for rapid and accurate bacterial cell counts.

How Does the QUANTOM Tx™ Work?

Protocol for rapid single bacterial cell quantification

The sample is mixed with the QUANTOM™ Total Cell Staining Dye a green fluorescent nucleic acid stain that easily permeates the membranes of both gram positive and gram negative bacteria and yeasts. This dye stains both live and dead bacterial cells. The QUANTOM™ Viable Cell Staining Dye can be used to count only viable cells.

Stained bacterial cells are mixed with QUANTOM™ Cell Loading Buffer I, loaded into QUANTOM™ M50 Cell Counting Slides, and spun in the QUANTOM™ Centrifuge to immobilize and evenly distribute the cells throughout the counting chamber to ensure accurate cell counting.

The QUANTOM Tx™ captures up to 20 high resolution images and counts the cells in each automatically. The highly sophisticated software can distinguish individual cells in various arrangements such as tight clusters or in chains to produce accurate and reliable total bacterial cell counts.

Key Features and Benefits include:

  • Sensitive - can detect down to one single cell regardless of size, shape or clustering
  • Rapid - cell count results are delivered in minutes with no culturing required
  • Accurate and Objective - no user variability, results fully recorded
  • Easy protocol - sample takes minutes to set up and read
  • Cost effective - compared to flow or laser scanning cytometry and it's more accurate
  • Customizable - adjustable parameters can be used to detect and count even the strangest shaped cells
  • Reporting - PDF reports can include total cell counts, up to 20 cell images, parameters, histograms, data can also be exported

Applications include:

  • Count number of cells in pre and post production samples eg probiotics
  • Assess number of killed cells after processing eg in vaccine production
  • Research projects
  • Environmental monitoring

For more information visit logosbio.com or use the 'Request More Information' button below.

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Date Published: 28th August 2017

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