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16th April 2019  Content supplied by: Gradientech AB

QuickMIC™ Ultra-rapid Phenotypic System for Antibiotic Sensitivity Previews at ECCMID











Gradientech is displaying its QuickMIC™ system for the first time at ECCMID 2019, QuickMIC is a precision system for ultra-rapid antibiotic susceptibility testing, designed to provide personalized treatment options for sepsis patients in record time.   “We foresee that our IVD QuickMIC system, which is in final development, will make a real difference by determining phenotypic AST directly from positive blood culture of patients with sepsis in as short as 2 hours”, explains Sara Thorslund, CEO of Gradientech.

QuickMIC is a unique diagnostic system for ultra-rapid antibiotic susceptibility testing of positive blood culture samples from sepsis patients. It’s an easy to use and scalable system, well-suited for small and larger clinical laboratories. Each instrument module analyses one sample against a panel of multiple antibiotics, optimized for either Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria. MIC-values and SIR interpretation are reported in as short as 2 hours, making it the most rapid diagnostic system for phenotypic antibiotic susceptibility testing.


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Date Published: 16th April 2019

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