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3rd November 2020  Content supplied by: MBV AG

Plair and MBV Sign a Cooperation Agreement for Real-Time Air Monitoring

Plair SA, the Swiss creator, manufacturer, and provider of instruments for real-time bioaerosol monitoring, and MBV AG, the Swiss global leader in viable air sampling, jointly announce today the start of a strategic partnership to bring to the market new and innovative automated solutions for microbiology monitoring that combine the technology of both companies.

As part of the agreement, NewGen Holding AG, the parent company of MBV, will invest in Plair’s share capital to strengthen the collaboration between the experts. Further, Ronny Zingre, CEO and MBV Board Member, will join Plair’s Board of Directors. 

Plair is a start-up company, a spin-off from the University of Geneva, specialized in the early detection and identification of airborne particles in outdoor environments based on its state-of-the-art laser technology. This technological leadership allows Plair to extend its applications to instantaneous, viable particle monitoring in indoor controlled environments such as cleanrooms. 

“We are thrilled to enter this new alliance, which includes both innovative technology and long-standing industry expertise. Our joint forces will help to develop the most advanced and top-notch solutions for industries requiring the highest quality and standards,” Dr. Denis Kiselev, CEO of Plair, commented. 

MBV is a family-owned industry expert that develops, manufactures, distributes, and services market leader MAS-100® microbial air sampler solutions. The high-quality, innovative instruments are used around the world to monitor areas in which microorganisms can have a negative impact, for instance in the pharma, cosmetics and food industries, in scientific research and in the manufacture of medical devices. Quoting Ronny Zingre: “Innovation through collaboration: that is what we stand for here at MBV. This new partnership with Plair has the great potential to address developing market needs and permit our customers to efficiently produce compliant products and serve their clients.”

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Date Published: 3rd November 2020

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