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22nd November 2022  Content supplied by: MBV AG

Environmental Monitoring With MAS-100 NT Microbial Air Sampler: Classification of Existing Versions

The MAS-100 family of portable microbial air samplers consists of several models designed to optimize the monitoring instrument for specific applications. The premium version and flagship of these MAS-100 portable active air samplers is the world's best-selling MAS-100 NT.  It is used for microbial monitoring of air, mainly in sensitive areas and cleanrooms. Equipped with a high-precision mass flow sensor, it stands for highest collection efficiency and safety.

So that the MAS-100 NT can be tailored even more specifically to certain applications and industry needs, the premium instrument is available in various versions. One of these special versions is the MAS-100 NT HEPA. This version has a factory-installed HEPA H13 air outlet filter to protect against contamination carryover and was specially designed for microbiological air monitoring in various cleanroom classes with zone changes.

Another special version of the MAS-100 NT is the MAS-100 NT Ex. This is an explosion-proof version of the MAS-100 NT, which is used for microbiological air monitoring in rooms with an increased risk of explosion, e.g. due to the presence of solvents or gases. Just like the basic version, the MAS-100 NT Ex is equipped with a high-precision mass flow sensor for maximum safety and is therefore mainly used in sensitive areas and cleanrooms. This explosion-proof microbial air sampler is also available in a version with a HEPA filter, the so-called MAS-100 NT Ex HEPA.

In addition to these three special versions just mentioned, MAS-100 NT HEPA, MAS-100 NT Ex as well as MAS-100 NT Ex HEPA, there is a fourth version called MAS-100 NT 6022. This model specializes in microbiological air monitoring of ventilation systems. The MAS-100 NT 6022 is certified according to VDI 6022 and stands for highest measurement reliability in hygiene control.

Which version do you need for your application? In a three-minute quick tip video with our expert Andy Zingre, you can find out more about the world's best-selling microbial air sampler MAS-100 NT and learn all about the differences between the various models.

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Date Published: 22nd November 2022

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